Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lucy's bedtime and copykat

Lucy is so cute. She laid down tonight and as she does in other nights she giggled and talked to herself while trying to fall asleep. Evan had returned from the apple Store fixing my phone and when he opened the door it startled her from her almost sleep(I was watching in the video monitor). Anyway, a while longer passed and then Peter woke up hungry, so Evan went to get him and then came downstairs with Peter. I told Evan that Lucy and gotten herself out of bed to see why Peter was crying and he should check on her because if she wasn't sleeping she might be poopy(she doesn't like to sleep with poop) or hungry(she is GROWING). So he turned and started up the stairs and then SCREAMED,"Oh my goodness!" Then said "Lucy" She is so stealth-she got out of her room, and started down the stairs. While I thought he saw a mouse or stubbed his foot it was just our sweet little Lucy:) -apparently we didn't feed her enough dinner:)

So we are watching Caillou with her(FAVORITE show of her's). She starting giggling and is dancing back and forth squeezing her hands opened and closed. Then we notice the kids on Caillou are doign it. She is such a good copycat!

So cute!

on other news, I helped Evan grade papers today, we had a nice Saturday together after a baby shower I threw for Kristy Robinson. So fun!

Now it's late and I'm tired. Tina(my sister) is chaperoning a youth dance, macarena, thriller and she just broke up a couple making out in a bright lit hallway with other kids around. She said the guy looked a little sheepish when she asked them to tone it down:)

Evan is so cute! I love that he is a teacher. He got called into a new calling, I will announce it soon. He is a good man.

Peter is a cutie and has learned that he has a tongue. He smacks his lips and suctions his tongue on the roof of his mouth to make a popping sound. So cute!

Guess I should head to bed!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life is like waxing

Life is like waxing-why do you ask? Well, I wax my eyebrows, and every time I do I feel fresh, alert, awake, prettier and I seem to do more in my life. But slowly, little hairs start growing back and I soon have another caterpillar to wax away. Even though they are little hairs, they feel burdernsome, heavy, overpowering, look awful, dark, and take over my face-Istart feeling down, slow, like I just don't care about stuff. If there was just one hair, no worries, I can deal with it for a bit or just pluck it out.

Now in life, each little hair is like dirty dishes, paying bills, comments from family or friends that way you down, eating to much, feeling depressed, fighting, overindulgence. But as I slowly pluck one by one, or wax a strip, I feel like I have a new start.

Take yesterday for example(I waxed my eyebrows and had all of this come to me). I woke up, got Evan off to work, fed Peter, Lucy was still asleep and I laid Peter down again. I almost chose to sleep more, but I was able to pluck that lazy hair out and be productive. I read scriptures, said prayers, did dishes, clean the lazy susan and lined it, cleared off and washed the kitchen counters, vacuumed, showered, did my hair, waxed my eyebrows, and then Lucy woke up. That extra couple of hours I accomplished so much. when in the past I would have thought entitled to more sleep(Even though Evan is off working hard). I would have then woke up feeling overwhelmed with all of my tasks that I had yet to do-and probably procrastinate like I am good at and warned about in blessings. I would have not felt the Spirit because I would have held off praying and reading scriptures and not waxed my eyebrows feeling yucky!

Anyway, maybe this is a bad analogy but I like it. I felt so good yesterday, and have already repeated a lot of that this morning. I am going to try to be better in these areas(for my 2011 and life goals in general):

Reading Scriptures
Personal prayers
Straighten or clean up
Play more with Peter and Lucy
budget better
count calories
keep a journal

I hear Lucy waking up, time to let the fun begin:)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Testimonies and church

I am so grateful for family and friends. We are moving into a new ward soon. While we have been so excited to get back into the Littleton Ward family, I haven't really payed attention to my feelings for the SouthGlenn ward. today was fast and testimony meeting, and I felt that I should get up and bare testimony on gratitude, on the way up I was fine, I sat and waited for my turn, and started getting really emotional. I couldn't help but cry and bare testimony on the priesthood, family, that Heavenly Father is in charge of EVERYTHING and we need HIM, that I am grateful that the church is the same everywhere, that through my challenges and trials I have received many blessings. I can't remember what else, but I was so sad to sad goodbye to everyone, I guess it's a good thing we are staying in the stake:)

After I sat down I started thinking that this was going to be like when we die. You are sad to leave, you won't be around the same people, but you are moving onto a different part of the Lord's kingdom and plan.

I love my life. I love Evan and Lucy so much and am getting so excited to see Peter. He kicked me a lot today, in fact I had my hands on my belly in church, and they kept bouncing up and down:)

I just love what I have been blessed with, and know that despite challenges, ups and downs, the Lord is there for me and I need to pray to keep Him a part of my life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Evan's new job, sort of...

So Evan was pulled into the principal's office to get a new schedule for next year, or so he thought. Evan was actually told that due to budget cuts, he no longer would be teaching technology education, but instead would be moved into the core classes and teaching 6th grade math and science. he was devastated!! He was so emotional that it made me cry. He was losing his baby of 6 years. Oh well. He was given a week to think about it and see if he wanted to take on that challenge, and realistically he wouldn't have a job if he said no, so, he is now a math and science teacher for the class year of 2010-2011.

We figure that he can do this for 5 years until the last technology teacher retires or until the economy turns around. Until that time, he will become a stronger teacher, learn new skills, and who knows, he may like these classes better. Heavenly Father never gives us trials that we cannot handle. So we will see what comes of this new position and what it means for our family.

We are excited, plus maybe I can help him grade papers:)

Yay to new challenges in life, especially now that he is excited about it! We are very grateful that he has a new opportunity and still has a job! We are blessed!

Grateful for a new house

So in the March 2010 Ensign I read an article of showing gratitude, it is called "The Value of experiencing and expressing gratitude". That having more gratitude in your life will bless you in all aspects. I know this to be true and want to start recording things I am grateful for.

So today I am grateful for a home. We have moved a lot in the last couple years, and have been very blessed to have house-sat Grandma and Grandpa Biddulph's house while they are on a mission. We recently bought a house, and after 7 months of our offer on the short sale, it went through and we closed on Jan 27th. We have had some crazy expenses come up like skunk removal and a new sewer line, but we are grateful to have this house. Our payment will be under a $1000 a month, and now we get to raise our kids in this home. Lucy was born while living in Grandma and Grandpa Biddulph's house, and now Peter(we think that will be his name) will be born in our new home. I hope that with this house we will be able to help serve people with it.

To some the house is boring or outdated, it is a 1959 house afterall, but it is boxy and a great layout like we like. 5 bedrooms(one will be an office), 2 bathrooms, dining room, sunroom, kitchen, living room, family and play room, huge laundry room, great fenced in yard and plenty of space for gardening. After many fix-ups, painting, etc we get to officially move in Saturday, March 13th.