Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lucy's bedtime and copykat

Lucy is so cute. She laid down tonight and as she does in other nights she giggled and talked to herself while trying to fall asleep. Evan had returned from the apple Store fixing my phone and when he opened the door it startled her from her almost sleep(I was watching in the video monitor). Anyway, a while longer passed and then Peter woke up hungry, so Evan went to get him and then came downstairs with Peter. I told Evan that Lucy and gotten herself out of bed to see why Peter was crying and he should check on her because if she wasn't sleeping she might be poopy(she doesn't like to sleep with poop) or hungry(she is GROWING). So he turned and started up the stairs and then SCREAMED,"Oh my goodness!" Then said "Lucy" She is so stealth-she got out of her room, and started down the stairs. While I thought he saw a mouse or stubbed his foot it was just our sweet little Lucy:) -apparently we didn't feed her enough dinner:)

So we are watching Caillou with her(FAVORITE show of her's). She starting giggling and is dancing back and forth squeezing her hands opened and closed. Then we notice the kids on Caillou are doign it. She is such a good copycat!

So cute!

on other news, I helped Evan grade papers today, we had a nice Saturday together after a baby shower I threw for Kristy Robinson. So fun!

Now it's late and I'm tired. Tina(my sister) is chaperoning a youth dance, macarena, thriller and she just broke up a couple making out in a bright lit hallway with other kids around. She said the guy looked a little sheepish when she asked them to tone it down:)

Evan is so cute! I love that he is a teacher. He got called into a new calling, I will announce it soon. He is a good man.

Peter is a cutie and has learned that he has a tongue. He smacks his lips and suctions his tongue on the roof of his mouth to make a popping sound. So cute!

Guess I should head to bed!

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